Stump Out Tree Care specialise in tree stump removal throughout Devon.

We have 3 stump grinding machines so can remove any size stump, in most locations. We use modern equipment tailored for your stump removal requirements so you can be assured of a professional quality job. If you would like to find out more about our services or to find out a tree stump removal cost for your job please contact us today

All of our stump grinders turn the stumps into a wood/soil mulch. This can be used to back-fill the hole, or around the garden as a great soil conditioner.

Small Tree Stump Removal

Our smallest machine is called an Alpine Magnum.It is light enough to be carried though a house by one person or up steps if required. The machine is designed to grind out the smaller stumps or stumps in hard to reach locations.

Medium Tree Stump Removal

The medium sized stump grinder is 30 inches wide and will fit comfortably through an average garden gate. This machine has a powerful V-twin 28bph engine and is capable of removing small, medium and large  tree stumps. Stumps will be taken to 15 to 18 inches below ground level (Depending on location).

Large Tree Stump Removal

This heavy duty stump grinder will remove the largest stumps imaginable!! It is a diesel powered machine with hydraulic self drive. As this stump grinder is 35 inches wide, it is ideal for site clearance, domestic and commercial works.